CCJ Removal – Credit Repair

Credit repair information for removal of County Court Judgments (CCJs)

Do you find it difficult to obtain loans, mortgages and finance because of CCJs on your credit history files?

You may ask yourself does credit repair really work, or is it just a myth or scam?

Well, the honest answer is yes in certain cases we can remove CCJs (County Court Judgments) .This process of CCJ removal is known as “Set Aside CCJs”.

A large number of CCJs are the results of undefended Claim Forms ( previously Summons). You probably are unaware of the response needed, so do nothing so a “Judgment By Default” is entered by the court. Even if you pay the debt, the judgment stays on record because it has not been “set aside”. There are other reasons, which will also be accepted. But first…

Check Your Credit File

If you haven’t already done so, check your credit files. The two companies that supply 99% of all credit reference requests in the UK are:

Experian Ltd, PO Box 8000, NOTTINGHAM NG1 5GX
Equifax (UK) Ltd, PO Box 3001, GLASGOW G81 2DT

Write to both companies quoting your full forename(s) and surname, with your previous addresses for the last 6 years together with a cheque/postal order made payable to that company. Within 2 weeks you should receive your credit file together with a useful booklet. Believe it or not, some credit repair companies will charge you ridiculous amounts of money just to get this information for you!!!

The two things you should look for on your file are:

1. Default – With the date and amount. A Default is a formal demand for payment of an Agreement you have missed three payments of. You cannot pay or satisfy a Default, it just sits on your credit file for six years, whether paid or unpaid,which can be harsh since there are no clear legal guidelines to protect you or give you rights. For instance, how can you objectively regard an account to be in serious default as it differs from company to company. In our opinion, it would be practically impossible to remove a default from your file. For this reason we do not offer a repair service for this.

2. County Court Judgment (CCJ) – With date, case no., court name, value, defendant, and whether satisfied. Good companies will offer a credit repair service for CCJ Removal, with an initial free assessment. If they can help you then they would charge you a fee for one CCJ, with charges for each subsequent CCJ. You should always compare other credit repair services and especially look for those that are backed by a money back guarantee if they are unable to “set aside” your CCJ.

Let’s get back to discussing about CCJ removal.

Do you have the original summons/claim, or failing that, the name of the claimant/plaintiff, (the one who took out the claim/summons), the name of the court, and most important, the Case/ Claim Number? Without the claim/ case number, the courts will not even read an application. If you don’t have the case details, don’t worry, credit repair services can carry out an “Official Search to Establish the Facts”, for a fee .

If you have already made an appeal to the court, made a written defence to the court or appeared in court as a defendant with regards to this case, then unfortunately you cannot “set aside the CCJ” as the courts won’t want to know. Sorry…but that’s the truth.

Beware of others claiming to remove CCJs, most of the time the information they provide is outdated and inaccurate. Also remember in legal terms the word is spelt “Judgment” not “Judgement”. If this is not stated correctly, can you really trust others?

And most of the information is provided here for free.

Valid Reasons To Set Aside A CCJ:

1. I was away at the time and did not have enough time to reply.
2. I did not receive the Summons/Claim.
3. I did not believe the judgment would be given if I did not attend court.
4. I agreed an out of Court settlement, so judgment should not have been given.
5. I needed more information as to the reasons for the summons, which were not forthcoming before judgment was given.
6. I was not able to attend court on that day.
7. I did not receive the proper default notice.
8. I did not receive notice that a judgment had been entered.

Save yourself 1 000’s – Remember, if you are looking to remove a CCJ from your file, there is no benefit in settling it, unless you have some pressing reason to do so. After 6 years the CCJ will automatically be deleted.

Remember, if you are looking for a loan/mortgage, then there are facilities for CCJs/Defaults.