8 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Bills

Saving money on bills is becoming more and more important as the UK continues to experience tough economic times. While the methods we are about to discuss may seem to profit relatively insignificant savings; when added together you could find the pressure on your household budget easing.

Here are 10 easy ways to reduce the cost of your bills:

1.    Relax your driving style

By gradually accelerating and braking smoothly you could find your fuel consumption decreasing by as much as 10MPG. So if your car has a 10 gallon tank, you could find yourself getting 100 more miles per fill up than previously.

2.    Carry out basic car maintenance

To further increase your MPG ensure that your car is as fuel efficient as possible. Firstly, check your tyre pressure; deflated tyres increase drag and therefore decrease fuel efficiency. Next, remove any unnecessary weight you may be carrying; this also increases drag and therefore puts more pressure on the engine to drive the vehicle. Simple maintenance such as regular oil changes, air filter and spark plug replacements will go a long way to ensuring your vehicle is running as smoothly as possible.


3.    Fill oil tank in the summer

Heating oil usage increases dramatically in winter months which means this is when everyone is looking to fill up their tank. Prices will be at their lowest in the summer months which makes this a great time to fill up your tank.

4.    Get an energy monitor

Reading endless articles regarding how to save money around the house isn’t always that fun or even that insightful. By getting an energy monitor you can see exactly what is using the most energy and act accordingly. Monitors themselves can cost as little as £20 which will soon be repaid in the savings you make on energy bills.

5.    Don’t over-fill the kettle

According to a report by the Energy Saving Trust, us Brits waste £68million each year overfilling our kettles! If you’re only making 2 cups of tea – don’t fill up the kettle. The more water you put in the longer it takes to boil and the more energy there is required.

6.    Bundle landline, broadband at TV bills

If you’re paying for your landline, broadband and satellite TV bills separately then you could be spending more than you need to. By grouping the bill you could find yourself saving in excess of £10 per month or £120 annually.

7.    Fully load dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer

The majority of energy used by dishwashers and washing machines is simply heating the water which is why it is important that you only ever use them when they are full. By reducing your washing heat from 40C to 30C you’ll use 30% less energy.

8.    Unplug devices

Many recent devices such as TVs, PCs and DVD Players have a default standby setting which means even if you have turned them off using a remote or power button they only go onto standby and consequently still use energy. By turning the device off at the mains or unplugging it altogether you’ll ensure you never waste energy.


Many of the tips mentioned require no formal implementation and instead require simple lifestyle changes. Leaving post-it notes on devices to remind you to turn them off or unplug them should help to start with, however it will soon be second nature and you’ll be able to disregard them.

This article has been written by Jason Scott on behalf of Guarantor Loans Online.