5 reasons Prepaid Payroll Cards are better for Payroll

Payday is something greatly anticipated, but with lengthy queues and delays when cashing cheques, the day is not without its frustrations. For companies, printing, mailing, tracking and reconciling cheques can become a laborious, complicated task – far costlier than electronic alternatives.

That’s where prepaid payroll cards come in. Here’s why they are a better payroll option than cash or cheque:

1. It’s a better way to pay

Prepaid payroll cards make payday a breeze – not to mention cutting costs. Companies that make use of these cards experience a streamlined, safer employee payment process that’s far less expensive than paying wages by cash or cheque. It’s the perfect way to pay under-banked, contract, seasonal, temporary, and satellite office employees efficiently and easily – improving the payday experience across the board. The low issuing fee further contributes to cutting down payroll-related costs.

2. It’s a better way to get paid

No bank account? No problem. Prepaid payroll cards grant instant access to wages – a safer alternative to cash and cheques. It’s a smarter way to manage money – employees can use the cards in the same way as traditional debit or credit cards, without the hassle. One can easily withdraw from ATMs, pay bills and make purchases online or in-store. Continue reading “5 reasons Prepaid Payroll Cards are better for Payroll”

One In Five Of Us Struggle To Pay Bills

It’s safe to say that monthly budgets are strained at the moment and many families all over the country are struggling each month.

New research has shown that around 20% of us in the UK are struggling financially and are unable to cover basic bills and outgoings every month. The reason for this seems to be down to many people having their wages frozen, coupled with food costs on the rise.

This research which was conducted by moneysupermarket.com in their Affordability Tipping point survey, found that if a households monthly bills increased by just £50, they would not be able to cover the costs.

A Financial expert at Moneysupermarket.com, Clare Francis, said: “The fact a rise in outgoings of £50 or less would tip a third of Brits to ‘financial breaking point’ speaks volumes about how difficult people are finding things at the moment.”

Pay Bills

If this sounds familiar then one of the first things that you should look into is ensuring that you have the best deal for you. It might be worth doing a bit of research into your electric and gas company to make sure that you’re getting the most of your money. You might find that it would be cheaper to get both from the same company, or even to split them if you’re currently getting them from the same supplier.

According to the survey, around 25% of adults are turning to credit cards to pay for monthly expenses, but what are the other options? Well, if you simply need help with your finances on a temporary basis and don’t want to use a credit card, then another option could be taking out a short term loan from one of many direct text loan lenders UK.

Payday loan companies offer a product called payday loans, which are small amounts of money which their customers borrow for short periods of time. Worth checking out!

Yes It Is Possible To Get A Loan If You Have Bad Credit

There are so many people in the world today who have bad credit and need some extra cash. Unfortunately because they have bad credit they do not think that they will qualify for a loan to help with the cash they need. The good news is that there are loan available that more than likely you will qualify for. These loans are called guaranteed high-risk personal loans. These loan programs will help to get you the money you need without having to worry about your past credit history and score.

You Can Borrow Up to $3000

Guaranteed high risk personal loans can give you the option of having a personal loan approved up to the amount of $3000 and you have the option of getting approved for this today. There are thousands of people in the same financial position as you and everyone is getting a second chance.

Get A Loan with bad credit

Everyone has a different reason for needing to have access to cash quickly and is interested in obtaining a guaranteed high-risk personal loan. The most common of these reasons include unexpected car repairs, medical expenses, a judgment brought against you, or even a simple vacation to get away from things. The reasons for this loan are endless. However when you need money fast you will need to know and understand that there is still a loan you might qualify for and have the money deposited directly into your account.

How To Apply And Receive The Funds

These types of loans are very simple and easy to qualify for and the application process is also very easy and convenient. You will find that the loan application is online and is secure. It will ask you the general loan questions such as your name, address, contact information as well as your employer information and bank account information. It might also ask you how much you wish to borrow. Once you loan is approved the lender will then hold a personal check of yours that is post dated for the amount that you owe. It will then be taken out of your checking account on your next payday. The process simple and painless unless of course you do not have the funds available to be withdrawn for the payment of the loan. Then the loan can get very costly.


Loans such as these are very easy to be approved for and can get your cash to you quickly. The approval rate for these loans is almost one hundred percent if you have current employment and a bank account in good standing. It is even possible to be approved if you receive your income from another source such as social security or child support.

These loans should be considered a short-term financial solution and should not be considered for a long-term solution to a problem. However if you are in need of cash and you need it quickly this type of loan will be a good solution for you.

Buy the Car of your Dream with Auto Loans

If you want to buy a new auto, but do not have enough money for doing this, consider applying for guaranteed auto loans. Auto loans are personal loans taken for purchasing a vehicle. To get the money, a borrower and a lender sign an agreement where they indicate the borrowed amount and loan terms. A borrower is obliged to return the money with interest within the stipulated period of time.

When applying for an auto loan it is necessary to consider several important points. The first thing you need to do is to determine how much you need to borrow and whether or not you will be able to pay the money back. Only after making a detailed calculation you can submit a loan application.

When making calculations do not forget that the repayment amount will consist of the initial amount you borrow and interest, which a loan provider charges for giving you the money. To find the most competitive interest rates, it is recommended to shop around and compare rates offered by not less than five lenders.

Late payments will have negative effect on your credit score, as well as will make you pay additional money. It is necessary to understand that if you have bad credit history you will be charged higher interest rates.

To be eligible for an auto loan a borrower must have the UK citizenship, be of legal age, and have minimum income of not less than 15 hundred pounds per month.

Balancing your checkbook

Just the thought of balancing your checkbook is enough to scare many people off. If people don’t know how to do it, it sounds too hard and too scary, so people don’t even try. But by not balancing your checkbook each month you are missing out on the ability to keep track of your finances and avoid spending money you don’t have and ending up in debt. Luckily, if you are one of those people without checkbook balancing skills, there is still hope for you. It isn’t a particularly challenging thing to do and you can learn how to do it quickly. Here are the basics to get you started:

The first (and really the only) thing you need to remember is that every time you spend or receive money you need to write it down. Your checkbook probably came with a ledger right in it, but if you don’t have checks or you can’t find the ledger you can pick one up for a few dollars at a stationery store (or if you are more technologically inclined, there are all sorts of software programs which can help you).

At the beginning of the month when you get paid, write down the amount and money you have received. This is your starting point. Now, every time you spend money, be sure to write it down in the same place. If you are carrying your ledger with you then you can do it right at the time you spend the money. Otherwise, many people just put the receipts in their purse or pocket and then stick them on a drawer so that they can record them in the ledger once a week or so.

At the end of the month, all you do is add up all the money you have spent, add up all the money you have deposited into the account, subtract the money spent from the money deposited and you are left with what you should have left over. Now you check that against the balance in your bank account and, if you haven’t forgotten anything or made a mistake, they should match. If they don’t you can usually figure out what you have forgotten quite easily.

Balancing your checkbook is as easy as that. By doing it regularly and effectively you will have a much better idea of your financial health and you won’t spend money you don’t have. It also makes budgeting a breeze, because you have already done the hard part – figure out what you spend and how you spend it.

Think of a Short Term Loan as a Little Bridge

Are you trying to get from one place to another? Are you stressed out about how long this is taking you? If you’re finding that you just can’t seem to get things to flow smoothly together, chances are good that you really need some outside assistance. The question now is: where do you get that type of help, and how fast can you get it?

The Rise of the Short Term Loan

In the past, people shunned loans at all costs. They were hoping that they would get help from their families, from old friends that owed favors…the list goes on and on. But if you’re trying to ask a coworker or another family member for money, you could be in for a big shock: they don’t have any money to loan you. Even if you’re dealing with someone that you swear up and down has plenty of money to loan you, there’s no guarantee that they’re actually going to be in a position to loan you the money. You’ll just end up feeling a little sheepish…and without the money that you need.

Short Term Loan

The short term loan, by contrast, is superior because it is private. Even the most inquisitive family members aren’t going to know what’s going on in your life unless you tell them. Telling family about your financial problems can have a negative effect that you didn’t anticipate. If they feel that you can’t handle your finances now, they may feel that this is something permanent. You simply lose all respect in their eyes, which is something that you never expected.

Unless you’re going to win the lottery, you really should consider the short term loan. It’s very fast, and it’s all based on steady income and employment. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make loads and loads of money. This isn’t a bank loan, where you practically get the best rates based on how easily you can afford not to get the loan fully funded by the bank. With a short term loan, it’s a little bit of quid designed to get you over the challenges that you’re facing. A short term bridge, if you will.

To get started with your short term loan, you will want to apply online. The rise of these “cyber loans” is a great thing for today’s consumer looking to get in the game, stay in the game, and grow their finances over time — in spite of emergencies!

Holiday Prep That Doesn’t Drain your Finances – Who Knew

Let’s get honest in this guide: you want to do just about everything you can for your family, and there’s really nothing wrong with that at all. The truth is that there are just going to be things in life that you want to bring to your children in order to really make sure that they’re okay. It’s completely up to you to figure out how you’re going to handle these matters. We can lay down a foundation, but it’s going to depend on the type of willpower that you actually have. Some people are faced with this problem and they just can’t see a world where they aren’t rushing around to please everyone but themselves. Were’ not saying that your family isn’t important. In fact, we’re saying that your family is so important that it’s time to stop fulfilling any and every request that comes in. This takes away from your ability to take care of your family, and who really wants to deal with that when they don’t have to? Who really wants to feel like everything is bearing down on them? Who really wants to think the worst of everyone that they come across? We certainly don’t think that’s any way to live, honestly. You should be looking for a higher level of power in your financial life. That’s the way to take care of your family for a lifetime.

You can still have a great holiday season, as long as you’re willing to think about the best approach to move forward. Here’s a few suggestions you might be able to use right now.

Holiday Prep

First and foremost, you should have a hard budget and stick to it. Not everyone is going to benefit from getting on a small budget, because then you’re tempted to break it in order to please people still. The part about budgeting that people often miss is that it’s not there to punish you. It’s not there to make you feel small. It’s not there to make you think that everyone is against you. It’s just there to make sure that you are doing exactly what you need to do, and nothing more than that. You want to write down exactly how much you’re going to spend on things like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some people are completely lost in terms of what they’re going to do, and that’s a real shame. It all goes back to the budget. You can indeed set up a healthy budget that doesn’t hurt anyone. Why should everything in life have to be about pain in order to make sense?

If you have children, chances are good that you want to shower them with exactly what they want for Christmas, even if it’s not things that you can easily and readily afford. There’s nothing wrong with being able to give your children the best of everything, but not at the cost of their future. If you’re the type of family that spends big on the holidays and then grumbles all the way through to February and March about not having enough money, then you definitely have a deep financial issue that needs to be fixed. You cannot give other humans in your life affection through gifting. You can give them things that they’ll remember without breaking the bank, and that’s good enough for everyone.

This is where a good financial blueprint comes in, because it’s not just about the holiday season. You have to make your money last year round. You probably want to do big things in your life, like buying a bigger house or even starting with your first one if you’re not on the property ladder yet. But sit down and look at all of your finances, including your expenses. When you can’t pare anything else down, you might want to think about anything you can do to bring in more money. You might be surprised at just how many things that might be.

Don’t give into fear, panic, and anguish. You don’t have to compare your holiday season to anyone else’s. This is a time for family, friendship, giving, community and charity. Some of the best things in life are free, after all!

8 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Bills

Saving money on bills is becoming more and more important as the UK continues to experience tough economic times. While the methods we are about to discuss may seem to profit relatively insignificant savings; when added together you could find the pressure on your household budget easing.

Here are 10 easy ways to reduce the cost of your bills:

1.    Relax your driving style

By gradually accelerating and braking smoothly you could find your fuel consumption decreasing by as much as 10MPG. So if your car has a 10 gallon tank, you could find yourself getting 100 more miles per fill up than previously.

2.    Carry out basic car maintenance

To further increase your MPG ensure that your car is as fuel efficient as possible. Firstly, check your tyre pressure; deflated tyres increase drag and therefore decrease fuel efficiency. Next, remove any unnecessary weight you may be carrying; this also increases drag and therefore puts more pressure on the engine to drive the vehicle. Simple maintenance such as regular oil changes, air filter and spark plug replacements will go a long way to ensuring your vehicle is running as smoothly as possible.


3.    Fill oil tank in the summer

Heating oil usage increases dramatically in winter months which means this is when everyone is looking to fill up their tank. Prices will be at their lowest in the summer months which makes this a great time to fill up your tank.

4.    Get an energy monitor

Reading endless articles regarding how to save money around the house isn’t always that fun or even that insightful. By getting an energy monitor you can see exactly what is using the most energy and act accordingly. Monitors themselves can cost as little as £20 which will soon be repaid in the savings you make on energy bills.

5.    Don’t over-fill the kettle

According to a report by the Energy Saving Trust, us Brits waste £68million each year overfilling our kettles! If you’re only making 2 cups of tea – don’t fill up the kettle. The more water you put in the longer it takes to boil and the more energy there is required.

6.    Bundle landline, broadband at TV bills

If you’re paying for your landline, broadband and satellite TV bills separately then you could be spending more than you need to. By grouping the bill you could find yourself saving in excess of £10 per month or £120 annually.

7.    Fully load dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer

The majority of energy used by dishwashers and washing machines is simply heating the water which is why it is important that you only ever use them when they are full. By reducing your washing heat from 40C to 30C you’ll use 30% less energy.

8.    Unplug devices

Many recent devices such as TVs, PCs and DVD Players have a default standby setting which means even if you have turned them off using a remote or power button they only go onto standby and consequently still use energy. By turning the device off at the mains or unplugging it altogether you’ll ensure you never waste energy.


Many of the tips mentioned require no formal implementation and instead require simple lifestyle changes. Leaving post-it notes on devices to remind you to turn them off or unplug them should help to start with, however it will soon be second nature and you’ll be able to disregard them.

This article has been written by Jason Scott on behalf of Guarantor Loans Online.

State Pension Woes Hitting Women the Hardest

The new reforms in the pension laws aren’t doing women as well as they had hoped. The groups worst hit by the state pension reforms would be the women that have taken early retirement in order to take care of family members. This flies in the face of the earlier hopes by lawmakers to actually get these women more money, not less.

The state pension will be around 144 a week, flat rate. Some women actually will do better under the new rules than others, but it doesn’t look as good for people as they assumed in the beginning.

The women in question that are missing out will be born between 4/1952 and 7/1953. The trouble is that these women are going to reach the age for state pension well before the changes take effect. Men born between these dates will reach the age required after the change takes effect.

State Pension uk

Tom McPhail, a pensions export from Hargreaves Lansdown, commented that there will be plenty of people that miss out because the old system is just too expensive to continue with. The Minister for Pensions, Steve Webb, is trying to balance all parties and feels as if things are moving in the right direction. He feels that the women affected will be better off in the long run since they will be able to draw their pension before a man who is the same age.

However, many women are outraged that the amounts just aren’t matching up.

Critics of the outrage say that it’s better to draw now, and if they don’t wish to do that they will need to work longer before retirement to get the state pension raised by the new legislation.

We think that if you can get away with not relying on the state pension, all to the better. Check out some of our other guides for ways that you can build the state pension. Good luck!